• Shirin’s Hearty Lamb Curry

    Shirin's hearty lamb curry is a must, either cook yourself or get the blend!
  • Shirin’s Green Chicken

    Shirin's very own green chicken recipe, if your feeling a little lazy, then you can simply buy the blend!
  • Shirin's Butter Chicken Recipe

    Shirin's very own butter chicken recipe, if your feeling a little lazy, then you can simply buy the blend!
  • Whole Masoor Dal with a coconut base

    Whole Masoor Dal recipe with a coconut twist to it, check it out!
  • Toor Dal

    Have you ever heard of Toor Dal? Its one of the tastiest dal's out there. Check out this awesome recipe.
  • Split Masoor Dal Recipe

    Another heart warming dal recipe, this time with split dal. Check it out!
  • Split Masoor Khichdi Recipe

    Daal is a very versatile food, here is a wonderfully classic Masoor dal recipe that will always serve you well.
  • Rajma (Kidney Beans) Recipe

    We will be the first to admit that kidney beans and curry are not something that you naturally think of, but this recipe takes kidney beans to the next level!
  • Puri Bhaji Recipe

    This recipe will give you the most fluffiest and puffed up puris and when eaten with the Bhaji will give your taste buds a party!
  • Mixed Vegetable Recipe

    A great way to get your greens in, this mixed vegetable recipe is great for those that baby corn and snow peas.
  • Maharashtrian Tadka Rice

    A big favourite back in India, a very local dish, popular yet easy to make.
  • Ma Daal Recipe

    This fabulous recipe makes great use good use of the Black whole urad beans, you need to soak these overnight so you'll need to be organised.