About Us

Welcome to Indian-Tiffin!

We pride ourselves on good service, a great product and most importantly our good values. After returning from a holiday in India in 2003, we hit upon the idea of selling Indian-Tiffin boxes back in the UK. We saw how they were part of everyday life in Mumbai and were amazed at their simplicity and were surprised that they were not popular back in London. Since then we have not looked back and our Indian-Tiffin boxes are now sold across the globe. We are already the biggest seller of Indian-Tiffin boxes in Europe and we are now trying to grow in the USA. We are convinced that the Tiffin Box is a great product. Its been around for hundreds of years and still plays a central role in many peoples lives.

In today's world and focus on the environment, the Indian-Tiffin is still a great product. It is made of stainless steel and so is a step away from those plastic boxes and all those nasty chemicals. Its sturdiness means that it can be reused many times. Indian-Tiffins are also great for taking your lunch to work, the different compartments combine well to allow you to take various items together, at the same time allowing you to pack it all neatly together. 

We have really enjoyed growing our business, and want to give back to some of the communities that provided us the inspiration for what we are doing. Therefore, we are working with charities that aims to provide initially food and as time goes on, we hope a little more. We call this a Meal for a Meal.


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